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To be able to edit you need to sign upt here. Once you register it will take about 5 minutes for an email to be sent to the given email address with you password after which you can log in.

Editing a page

A page can be edited by using the “Pagina aanpassen” button that can be found on the right side of your screen (with the little pencil) or in the general menu at the top of your screen (with the little wrench). When doing so, please take into account what the general style is of this wiki to make sure all pages are somewhat similar in structure. This keeps things easier to read and edit for everybody.


It is useful to know what syntax to use for editing. The syntax is the manner in which you need to type things in the source code to make them look the way you want them to. For instances how to create titles or links. The DansWiki is based on DokuWiki. This a simple form of wiki software and therefore DokuWiki syntax is also the syntax needed to create and edit pages.

In DokuWiki links can be created by using [[pagename]] or a bit more elaborate [[language:namespace:pagename]]. However since the base language of the DansWiki is Dutch, most of the structure is also with Dutch names and in order for the translated pages to link to each other, the same name structure needs to be used in any language. Therefore it is more elegant to link in the more elaborate way: [[language:namespace:pagename|Correct name in the given language]].


To see what pages do already exist you can take a look at the starting page, but chances are someone missed to put down a link there. Therefore you can also look at the index which lists all existing pages per namespace. You can also get to this page via the menu where it is called Index or by putting “&do=index” without the quotation marks behind almost every possible URL in your browser which is part of this website.

Recent changes

The Dance Wiki has the possibility to view the recent changes per page. This can be shown by accessing “Recente aanpassingen” via the general menu or by putting “&do=recent” without quotation marks behind the page URL. There is also a general recent changes pages that shows all the changes in the Dans Wiki. This page can be found via the before mentioned page or directly accessed via Recente wijzigingen

Start a new page

If you have a subject that is not yet discussed, but is relevant, you can start a new page. While doing so, please make sure you maintain the namespace structure for both the languages and the general structure to keep things easily findable. Also try to see if the page already exists in Dutch. This is the main language on which the DoKuWiki is build. Using the same names/links and namespacesfor all pages in all languages, will make sure the translations of each page can be found easily by using the flags in the right upper corner.


If you are not entirely sure about something that is on a page or that should or should not be on the page, you can use the discussion page for that. Every page has this option and it can be accessed from the general menu or from the icons on the right. If there has never been a discussion before about a page, the page does not exist yet and needs to be made by using the link.

To make sure others can still read and understand the discussion, be so kind to put your (login) name and the date and time with every message/piece of text you add to the discussion.

Installed plug-ins

Below a list with the relevant plug-ins that can be used for editing the DansWiki. If you miss plug-ins that you really do want to use, please let the organisation of Balfolk Enschede know and they might add it.

  • Move Move pages, media files and namespaces while maintaining the link structure.
  • Multi-Lingual Collects mechanisms that converts DokuWiki into a multilingual wiki.
  • Video Sharing Site Easily embed videos from various Video Sharing sites like YouTube or Vimeo.
  • refNotes Extended syntax for footnotes and references.
  • EditTable Provides a visual table editing and inserting interface.